Middle Defender – John Choo

Our middle defender is John Choo. John was born in mainland China and moved to our city with his parents at the age of 7. According to his mother, John was always interested in football and started kicking as soon as he developed his legs and so far he hasn’t stopped. John is married and recently his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby. Interesting fact: our goalkeeper Johny was John’s son’s god father – they are very good friends on the field and outside the field too! John and his wife are both very athletic and they love to jog for fun in their free time. Now as their firstborn is strong enough they are jogging altogether. John recently purchased a fancy jogging stroller with gear after reading some reviews here and they are jogging with their baby now. You can see them in the park almost every other day. When John is not jogging, he likes to read adventure and history books and he also likes to play video games with this friends. John confessed that if he didn’t become a professional football player he would be a profesional DOTa player.

We are very glad that John is a part of our team and we are sure that he will contribute tremendously to our victories. His addition makes our defense one of the strongest in the league. So far in all of our friendly games we have seen that with no goal passing through John’s zone. Keep up the good work!

Left Defender: Teck Chim

540_293_resize_20130101_f2c62e45207799b18d27ab95f335b306_jpgThe left defender of our team is Teck Chim. Teck was born in Thailand on May 2, 1994. From very early childhood he loved the game of soccer. His favorite team has always been Manchester United, same as his older brother’s. Teck always wanted to become a football player. We hope that one day he will play for his favorite red team.

When Teck Chin started playing football in schools he was immediately noticed. He was good at playing football and quickly made it to professional football team of the city in which he moved with his parents. He is well known in our town as the football star for the team and one of the best defenders in the region. He made quite a large number of appearances and played a big role in all of team’s victories by keeping goals protected from left side attacks.

He has an interesting hobby. When Teck Chim is not playing football he likes to spend his time sharpening kitchen and hunting knives. First he takes care of all the knives at home and then he switches to those of his neighbors. According to Teck the activity is a way of meditation for him. He prefers to use good old manual knife sharpening method and not to use any of the automatic machines available.

Teck Chim is not married and prefers to live with his parents. They are very supportive of his occupation and never miss his games. According to Teck his parents are his most loyal fans and his inspiration for the games.

Besides knife sharpening, Teck likes to spend time in the gym, working on his stamina and strength. Even when he has a day off he prefers to exercise to stay in good shape. His favorite exercise is dead lifts and squats. Obviously, he never skips a leg day.


51Bf26cLTjLGoal Keeper of our Team is Johny Depopovic.

Johny is our top goalkeeper. He was born in Croatia on 13 August 1995 and came to Tuen Mun when his father found a teaching job here. Johny started playing when he was in middle school and kept going up to now.  Very tall and quick, he quickly found his place on the field – goalkeeping. He was much taller then his teammates and could easily get a ball from the spider’s web (top corner). With his help team started playing much better and he is well respected for his contributions to the team by it’s numerous fans.

Johny is single and enjoys going hunting with his father, who is an avid archer. According to Depopovic he recently ordered a great crossbow after reading a some positive reviews. Although his father and hunting teacher both prefer hunting with compound bows, Johny’s weapon of choice is crossbow. Some fans even argue that he is so quick that we can catch an arrow from his own crossbow. According to Johny that is exactly how he practices at home. Please do not try this at home!! Not everybody is born to be an arrow catcher, just the Depopovic!

Johny has the following attributes measured for him:

  • Speed: 80
  • Agility: 85
  • Physique: 86
  • Shooting: 67
  • Stamina: 70
  • Dribbling: 56
  • Luck: 70

Johny is a very fast and agile when in the goals, but his stamina, shooting and dribbling are well below the average for the team. This is no surprise given that he is playing on the goals. It would be a completely different story for a field player, of course.

Special attention should be given to Johny’s penalty skills. Because of his height and speed he is able to get almost 3 out of 5 penalty kicks when he is in good shape. Keeping that in mind, one of our strategies when playing in playoff series can be keeping the score even and push the game to the penalty kicks.